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WinPlay3 is a simple MP3 player that comes in both 16- and 32-bit versions. WinPlay3 was the first real-time MPEG Layer-3 Audio Player for PCs running Windows.


  • Play from a file or the Internet
  • Select output settings to match your hardware for the best preformance
  • Proxy support in case you are behind a firewall


  • Windows 3.1/95/98/NT
  • 486DX-33 (Pentium recommended)
  • Sound card (16-bit recommended)
  • If using Windows 3.1, it must be running in 386 enhanced mode

If you are running Windows 95/98/NT, you should download the 32-bit version, wp32v23b5.exe. If you are running Windows 3.1, you should download the 16-bit version, wp3v23b5.exe.



This program is freeware and has no trial limitiations.

16-Bit: wp3v23b5.exe 806.0 KB
32-Bit: wp32v23b5.exe 982.3 KB