WinJammer Shareware

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WinJammer Shareware is a MIDI sequencer for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT. It allows you to record, play, edit and create standard MIDI files. A companion program called WinJammer Shareware Player is also included. It will play one or more MIDI, Wave or AVI files.


  • Score view lets you edit/draw notes in normal musical notation
  • Piano Roll view shows exact timing in a readable form
  • Event List view shows you exactly what's in each track
  • Mixer view allows you to easily mix the song
  • Works with standard MIDI files
  • Allows up to 64 tracks per song
  • No size limits on individual tracks
  • Allows wave events to be stored in MIDI files
  • Trigger any MCI event from a MIDI file
  • Powerful editing commands
  • Complete online help
  • Supports and records real-time system exclusive events
  • Works with any sound card or MIDI device

Purchase Information

  • $50


  • Windows 3.1/95/98/NT 3.51 or higher
  • OS minimum processor
  • 4MB RAM
  • 4MB disk space
  • Windows compatible sound card and/or MIDI interface

WinJammer Shareware comes in two versions: one for Windows 3.1 (WJSw16.exe), and one for Windows 95, 98 or NT (WJSw32.exe). Make sure to download the correct version.



The unregistered shareware version displays a nag dialog on startup and overwrites track names with "WinJammer Demo" when saving as a MIDI file.

Windows 3.1: WJSw16.exe 1.2 MB
Windows 95/98/NT: WJSw32.exe 1.3 MB