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Virtual Sampler turns every DirectX- or ASIO-soundcard into a powerful sampler and synthesizer with up to 32 stereo-voices. The program has been developed to fully exploit the features of modern soundcards and to make them available through an easy to use interface.

Virtual Sampler manages soundbanks of virtually unlimited size. The multi mode, with its user defined multi settings, allows you to quickly change soundsets within songs. It supports realtime effects for the sounds, such as ADSR envelopes, filters, reverb, chorus, delay etc. In addition to the numerous integrated effects, the Professional version supports external VST effect plugins. Velocity crossfades allow you to use different samples in dependent of the velocity for very realistic instruments. Virtual Sampler also provides fully customizable realtime controls (modulation wheel, assignable controllers, pitchbend).

Integrated into the sampler structure is a powerful, open interface, realtime-synthesizer. Currently a DX7 emulator (the FM legend) and a phat classic analog-synth are available. More synths will follow.

Virtual Sampler provides virtual MIDI-ports through the included MIDI driver and thus can be played live with a MIDI keyboard or driven by any MIDI sequencer. To obtain 100% perfect timing Virtual Sampler also works as a native VST Instrument, enabling sample-exact playback with no latency from a MIDI-track of Cubase VST, independent of the hardware you use (DirectX, MME or ASIO).

In additionally to its own format Virtual Sampler is able to import WAV files and to import/export the SF2 soundfont format. It also reads AKAI 1000 CD-ROMs, (presets, including splits, and samples, including loop points, panning and volume).


  • Up to 32 stereo-voices at 16 MIDI channels (depends on the performance of the host system and the number of used effect-plugins)
  • Preset and Multi Mode (omni/poly)
  • Up to 65535 splits per voice
  • Unlimited sample memory and sample length (depends on available host system memory)
  • Latency <10 ms (good DirectSound driver required) and 0 ms if used as native VST instrument respectively
  • One envelope per split (latency < 10 ms)
  • DSP realtime effects (filter, reverb, chorus, delay,...) for each split, provided by included effects or external VST plugins.
  • Panning and volume setting for each split
  • Real-time pitch shifting and sample detuning
  • Real-time controls (modulation wheel, assignable controllers, pitch), fully customizable
  • Multi mode and user defined multis for quickly changing sounds within your songs
  • Integrated software-synth interface (Virtual Sampler synths and VST instruments)
  • Support for Cubase VST plugins, ASIO 2.0 and Environmental Audio Extension (EAX) 2.0

Purchase Information

  • ~$30 Standard Direct
  • ~$60 Professional (adds ASIO 2.0, AKIA CD import and VST) Direct


  • Windows 95/98/2000
  • Pentium 90 (Pentium 133 recommended for use with sequencer)
  • Sound card
  • Microsoft DirectX and/or ASIO support must be installed


The demonstration version disables save functionality, but, is otherwise equivalent to the Professional version.

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