Virtual Easy Tap

Gabriel Eduardo Segundo Ochoa


Not Rated


Caja de Ritmos Virtual Easy Tap emulates the operation of the old rythm machines, like the Roland 808 and 909, combined with a TB303-style sequencer using a MIDI device (it is not a synthesizer). It allows you to quickly develop your ideas into MIDI sequences without requiring a MIDI keyboard or musical knowledge.

The program, setup and documentation are all in Spanish so it may take some extra time to get going, but I found it was fairly self-explanatory.


  • 1 rythm machine (Roland 808-style)
  • 2 bass-line machines (TB303-style)
  • Sequencer for arranging songs using the 3 machines
  • Up to 16 patterns on each machine
  • Export to MIDI


  • Windows 95/98
  • 486 processor or better
  • 4 MB RAM
  • Sound card or MIDI interface


This program is freeware and has no trial limitations. 1.3 MB