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SynC Modular is a fast, multitimral, modular software synthesizer. It provides a graphical interface for creating a network of synthesis modules as well as a seperate panel/window for organizing controls to adjust various parameters of the synthesis modules.


  • High Performance - using unique modular optimizing technology, it provides high polyphony and/or patch complexity.
  • Multitimbrality - several synths can play simultaneously on different MIDI channels. Switch between synths with MIDI program changes. Further process the mixed sound with effect modules.
  • Sequencer Interfacing - Built-in MIDI loopback driver makes it easy to receive MIDI from your favorite sequencing software.
  • Flexibility - As deep down as constructing oscillators, envelopes and filters (and of course effects). Each instance of a basic module can be tuned to particular requirements.
  • Easy To Use - Create synths by connecting modules on screen. The modules' polyphony and event/audio signal types are handled by the synth automatically. Presets store various control settings for any module or hierarchy of modules. An included HighMods pack features a number of large-scale modules to allow quick patch building.
  • Tutorial and Examples - Online help includes Getting Started tutorial section guiding you through the creation of a synth patch. The enclosed examples feature simulations of the Nord Lead 2, 9-bar organ, Stings and simple synthesized drums.
  • Runs standalone or as a VST2 plugin.
  • Includes a built-in MIDI loopback device.
  • Supports customizable skins.

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  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0
  • Intel Pentium or higher or compatible (Intel Pentium II, Celeron or higher is strongly recommended)
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 10 MB disk space
  • Sound card with 16-bit playback support
  • High-color (16-bit) or higher display
  • MIDI interface and keyboard recommended

A BeOS version is also available from the Product Download Page.



The unregistered version disables the sampler module output, MIDI in VST2 mode and DirectX output and rendering MIDI to WAV.

Product Download Page
sm208002.exe 1.2 MB