StreamBox Ripper


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StreamBox Ripper is an "orphanware" program that converts audio files and CD tracks to MP3 and WMA files. The software can convert to and from any of the supported file formats (RealAudio MP3, WMA and WAV) from any originating format. It also includes a batch conversion mode, which converts all files in a specific directory.

Previous versions of StreamBox Ripper (also known as Ra2Wav) converted RealAudio (.ra and .rm) files into WAV files. However, due to legal issues, Streambox Ripper no longer converts RealAudio or any RealMedia files. Streambox Ripper is also no longer supported by its developer, which is now in a different line of business.


  • Converts MP3 files to WAV and Windows Media Audio (WMA)
  • Converts (rips) CD audio tracks to MP3, WAV and WMA
  • Support for MP3 tags
  • CDDB (online Compact Disc Database) support
  • CD track information window
  • Built-in 10 line equalizer and amplifier
  • Decodes WAV uncompressed, MP3, CD Digital Audio (built-in CD Ripper)
  • Encodes to MP3, WAV uncompressed, Windows Media Audio 4.0
  • Powerful "batch" mode for media producers. Ability to listen files in "real time" before encoding.


  • Windows 95/98/2000/NT
  • Sound card


As of version 2.011, this program is freeware and has no trial limitations. No manufacturer support is available.

StreamboxRipper011Trial.exe 1.7 MB