SpinAudio VST-DX Wrapper

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VST-DX Wrapper is a DirectX audio plugin that allows you to use VST audio plugins in applications which support only DirectX, such as Sonic Foundry's SoundForge, Vegas Pro and Acid, CakeWalk Pro Audio etc.

VST-DX Wrapper comes in two versions: Lite and Pro. The Lite version is free and works as a single DirectX plugin that is used within the host application to load VST plugins. The Pro version adds the ability to create individual DirectX versions of your VST plugins providing full integration of VST 1.0 technology into DirectX environments.


  • VST plugin is displayed in a single window like a general DirectX plugin
  • VST presets are mapped onto DX static presets. So you can easily select a VST program through DirectX
  • The fully functional interface for editorless plug-ins is provided
  • The state of VST plugin can be saved as a DirectX preset
  • VST plugin can be selected for automatic loading on Wrapper startup
  • Supports 16, 24 and 32-bit input
  • Individual wrapping of multiple plugins (Pro version only)
  • Integration with VST SkinRack Wizard (Pro version only)

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  • Windows 95/98/2000/NT
  • Pentium 100 MHz or faster
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 1 MB disk space
  • Software compatible with DirectX plug-ins
  • Sound card (optional)


The Lite version is freeware and has no trial limitations. The Pro demo can not create more than 2 wrappers and wrapped plugin sessions are limited to 5 minutes.

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