Sound Limit

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Sound Limit is a MPEG Audio Layer 1, 2 & 3 Encoder / Decoder which can also encode directly from CD.


  • Easily compress a file, with the Sound Limit Wizard.
  • Supports encoding of Audio tracks, directly from CD-Audio.
  • Supports input .WAV files, 22KHz, 44KHz, Mono, Stereo, 16bit.
  • Supports output compressions from 32Kbs to 320Kbs, Layer 1, 2 & Layer 3.
  • High-Speed encoding while maintaining the Highest Quality possible of the original sound.
  • Multiple files support (batch encoding / decoding), it can encode / decode an entire or multiple directories .

Purchase Information

  • $30 by e-mail
  • $40 on 3.5" floppy
  • $50 on CD-ROM


  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.x
  • CD-ROM which is capable of extracting digital audio (for encoding directly from CD)


The unregistered shareware version of the program has a 30 day trial period.

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