MIDI/Audio Sequencers

Software designed to record, play and edit music using MIDI and/or audio. For software designed primarily for working with multiple tracks of digital audio, see Multi-Track Editors. For software designed specifically for sequencing beats and loop-based music, see Pattern Sequencers.

Complete List
Title Rating Download
Ableton Live - Ableton Live brings to music creation, production and performance the flexibility of loop based software plus the power of full fledged music production suites. Link
AKoff Music Composer - A multitrack MIDI sequencer that records from your sound card's WAVE-in (mic, CD, line-in). The audio signal is processed in real-time and automatically scores your music. n/a Shareware 208.2 KB
Alien Disko Systems 3000 - A powerful pattern based MIDI sequencer that has unique look and feature set. n/a Freeware 691.5 KB
AnalogX Arpeggiator - A simple MIDI arpeggiator. n/a Freeware 187.7 KB
Anvil Studio - A program for multi-track recording, composing, and editing of music using audio, MIDI, and sampled percussion sounds. Freeware 2.8 MB
ArborRhythms Music Processor - A musical file processor that can generate, play and edit MIDI and digital audio. n/a Shareware 1.3 MB
Arp-X8 - An eight-layer arpeggiator. n/a Shareware 659.7 KB
Audacity -

Audacity is a popular open source, multi-platform audio editor that provides unlimited tracks, plug-in effects, and undo.

AudioMulch - An interactive computer music environment which allows you to assemble audio sources and effects in real-time. Editor Review Link
Automated Composing System - Generates original MIDI music from a variety of user definable settings. n/a Freeware 263.9 KB
Band-in-a-Box for Windows - Intelligent music accompaniment software for your MIDI music system or PC sound card.  
Bassment 1.5 -

Bassment 2.0 is a multi panel 16 steps monophonic bass sequencer machine (VSTi) created with Synthedit.

n/a Link
Bassment LE 1.1 -

Bassment LE 1.1 is a freeware multi panel 16 step monophonic bass sequencer VSTi made with Synthedit.

n/a Link
Building Blocks - Building Blocks is a modular MIDI sequencer. A program that you can use to build your own musical tools. n/a Shareware 2.6 MB
Cakewalk Express - An easy to use multi-track music and audio software package. n/a  
Cakewalk Guitar Studio - MIDI and digital audio recording software for guitarists. n/a Demo 12.8 MB
Cakewalk Pro Audio - Full-featured professional MIDI/Audio sequencing software for composing music. Demo 11.8 MB
Cubase VST - A complete virtual recording studio which integrates audio and MIDI. Demo 7.9 MB
CuteLoops - A simple MIDI sequencer program that allows you to make small "loops" - patterns containing several bars worth of MIDI notes which are played back repeatedly. n/a Shareware 659.5 KB
Delta SP -

Delta SP is an audio and MIDI sequencer and synthesizer program for PC. Delta SP features a large modular synth with many built in plugins, a VST plugin builder, built in sampler and a multi-track MIDI and audio sequencer.

n/a Link
Digital Orchestrator Pro - Multitrack digital audio recorder and MIDI sequencer with music notation. n/a Demo 3.0 MB
Digital Studio - A powerful MIDI sequencer for Windows that gives you all the tools you need to record, edit and playback music stored as MIDI data. n/a Shareware 695.1 KB
FreeStyle - Trackless MIDI sequencing and instant notation printing software. n/a Demo 5.6 MB
Jammer Professional - Automated MIDI music composition software. n/a Demo 2.7 MB
Jammin' 32 - A simple MIDI sequencer with very basic music staff, piano-roll and event list editing. n/a Shareware 847.2 KB
JAZZ++ - A full featured, audio capable midi sequencer. n/a Shareware 1.8 MB
Koan Pro - Generative music authoring software which incorporates MIDI sequencing and dynamic music creation tools. n/a Link
Logic Audio - Integrated digital audio recording and editing, MIDI sequencing and notation into a leading edge music composition and production package. Demo 1.0 MB
LoopTRAX - A loop sound sequencer which supports many sample formats (MP3, WAV, AIFF, AU, ...) as well as MIDI files. n/a Shareware 213.1 KB
Making Waves - Sample sequencing software package. n/a Shareware 1.1 MB
Massiva - A MIDI/Audio sequencer with VST instrument and SB AWE support. n/a Shareware 914.2 KB
MbooM - A MIDI sequencer that combines pattern- and song-based arranging with an integrated audio sampler. n/a Demo 1.3 MB
MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section - A real-time MIDI arranger for improvisation and to aid in practicing songs and melodies. n/a Demo 795.0 KB
MIDI Maestro - MIDI sequencer and editor with a feature set geared toward live performers. n/a Link
MIDI Studio - A simple MIDI sequencer with very basic music staff entry. n/a Shareware 236.6 KB
MIDI Works - MIDI composer/editor with Karaoki suppoort and real-time mixing. n/a Shareware 358.7 KB
Music Center - A virtual recording studio which integrates audio and MIDI. n/a  
Music Sculptor - A simple MIDI sequencer. n/a Shareware 232.9 KB
Musicator - A MIDI and digital audio sequencing and notation software package. n/a Demo 2.8 MB
MusicPhrase -

MusicPhrase is a MIDI sequencer for the Windows platform.

Power Chords Pro - A unique MIDI sequencing program that provides an on-screen, mouse controlled guitar fretboard and music keyboard as well as a simple rhythm editor for creating music. n/a Link
PowerTracks Pro Audio - Fully featured digital audio/MIDI workstation with built-in music notation. n/a  
PUMP - A free MIDI step sequencer still in beta. n/a Freeware 1.5 MB
Quaderno - A MIDI sequencer with a unique look and set of views, editors and controls. n/a Demo 2.3 MB
Quartz Audio Master - MIDI sequencing, audio mixing, recording, processing and sound editing software. n/a Freeware 2.6 MB
Quartz Composer - MIDI musical composition assistant which aids in creating musical pieces. n/a Demo 1.2 MB
QuickScore Elite Level II - An integrated 48-track scoring and sequencing program for Windows. Now serves as a VST host. n/a Link
Rave - A simple 32 track MIDI sequencer which has basic track overview, piano-roll, notation and event list editors. n/a Freeware 647.7 KB
Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro - MIDI auto-accompaniment software. n/a Demo 890.3 KB
SoftStep - A modular MIDI step sequencer modelled somewhat after the modular analog step sequencers. n/a Freeware 8.4 MB
Sound Studio Gold - A powerful MIDI sequencer with integrated digital audio record and playback facilities. n/a Demo 1.4 MB
Studio To Go -

Studio to Go! is a suite of integrated music software, based on Linux open source programs, that provides the ability to compose, record and mix on any PC without having to install any software. Studio to Go! runs from the CD and allows you to save compositions on your a portable storage device or straight on to your hard disk. This means you can use it any PC without worrying about compatibility problems or any fuss or mess!

Sweet Sixteen - A simple pattern-based MIDI sequencer with Piano Roll, List, Transform and Mixer views. n/a Shareware 343.9 KB
Tangent - A MIDI composer that deals with musical structures, not individual notes, to systematically build compositions by creating periods of bass and polyphony. n/a Shareware 2.1 MB
Vision - MIDI sequencing software for musicians, song writers and composers. n/a Demo 2.9 MB
WinJammer Professional - A MIDI sequencer that allows you to record, play, edit and create standard MIDI files. n/a Demo 1.0 MB
WinJammer Shareware - A MIDI sequencer that allows you to record, play, edit and create standard MIDI files. n/a Shareware 1.2 MB
XGWorks - An all in one MIDI sequencers and XG editor designed to fully support XG gear and software synths. n/a Demo 16.4 MB