Software that generates and synthesizes audio from scratch or processes existing audio sources. Most of these tools are designed to have their output loaded into music applications for further use. For real-time synthesis tools, see Software Synths/Samplers. For effects processing plug-ins, see Plug-ins.

Complete List
Title Rating Download
3D Audio - Models realistic spatial audio by animating sound sources in a virtual room. n/a Shareware 1.6 MB
Adsyn32 - Creates audio waveforms, using the techniques of Additive Harmonic Synthesis. n/a Freeware 891.9 KB
AnalogX AutoTune - Performs the tedious task of tuning all of your audio samples to the same frequency. n/a Freeware 231.7 KB
AnalogX SayIt - A simple computer speech synthesizer that produces output similar to the classic Speak & Spell. n/a Freeware 202.2 KB
AnalogX Scratch - An simple program that simulates "scratching" a record with digital audio samples and a simple interface. n/a Freeware 338.3 KB
AnalogX Vocoder - A simple stand-alone vocoder that can be used to makes instruments sound as if they're talking. n/a Freeware 250.6 KB
Audio FX - A digital sound effects processor that uses a modular authoring interface. n/a Freeware 223.8 KB
Autoscore - Real-time audio-to-MIDI processor for transcribing singing or a performance to notation and MIDI sequences. Editor Review  
Beat Creator - A bass and snare drum sample generator. n/a Freeware 184.3 KB
Buzz -

A tracker/synth creator/sampler/softsynth that uses a unique method of instrument creation and sequencing.

Coagula - Image synth for creating and manipulating images and generating sound from those images (.bmp to .wav converter). n/a Freeware 1.1 MB
CPS - A realtime programming environment for audio, MIDI and other media and I/O. n/a Demo 503.5 KB
Cylonix 18 Channel Vocoder - Digitally emulates the distinctive sound of the classic analog filter bank vocoders that convert voice input into robotic sounding output. n/a Shareware 303.1 KB
Da Modulator - A simple little waveform modulator that can modulate and export WAV files. n/a Freeware 40.5 KB
Defractor - Digital synth with sample generator. n/a Freeware 300.4 KB
Digital Ear - Analyzes a recorded solo performance (singing voice or musical instrument) and converts it to a standard MIDI file. Editor Review Link
Dr Liebezeit - The Dr Liebezeit drum machine is a free plug-in effect specifically for Audio Mulch on Windows only. n/a Link
DrumSynth - DrumSynth builds sounds out of swept-frequency sine waves, noise bands, pink and white noise and complex waveforms. n/a Freeware 154.3 KB
Expander - A small program which can stretch a WAV file in time without changing its pitch. n/a Freeware 57.4 KB
FM Dreams Waveform Renderer - Renders noise-free digital waveforms using 4-op FM synthesis. n/a Freeware 1.9 MB
Hog - A small utility to perform digital manipulations on sample based data. n/a Freeware 49.3 KB
InMotion 3D Audio Producer - Creates 3D/surround audio output (real-time and WAV) by setting up virtual speakers and scenes that contain moving sound sources. n/a Demo 1.5 MB
leafFX - Real-time software digital effects unit that works with WAV samples or "live" input. n/a Shareware 747.0 KB
MIDI to WAV Maker - MIDI to WAV Maker is an easy-to-use tool for converting MIDI to WAV file. n/a Link
Mx51 Surround Sound - Professional authoring environment for mixing surround sound. n/a Demo 2.8 MB
Orangator - A modular virtual synthesiser. n/a Freeware 465.0 KB
PhyMod - Physical Modeling System that includes an Editor, Offline Renderer, WAV File Generator, 3D Visual Oscillation Analysis and Interface for DSP System. n/a Shareware 736.3 KB
Quack - A non-real-time, modular software synthesizer. n/a Shareware 173.9 KB
ReadPlease 2000 - A text-to-speech program that uses the Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engine for reading any plain or Rich Text Format file. n/a Freeware 6.8 MB
Scratch Me - A wave player which allows you to change the pitch and speed during playback. Editor Review Shareware 105.0 KB
SimSynth - A sound synthesizer and sound effects generator. n/a Freeware 234.0 KB
SMoRPhi - A software synthesizer designed to create samples for use in other programs. Shareware 913.1 KB
Soft Encode - Dolby Digital surround sound audio encoder. n/a Demo 674.9 KB
Stomper Ultra++ - A simple software synthesis program for creating drum-like sounds. n/a Freeware 1.2 MB
Subastard - A handy little program which allows music-producers to create warm bass-sounds and disted fx. n/a Freeware 339.8 KB
SubSynth - A simple wave file generator that uses subtractive synthesis. n/a Freeware 72.8 KB
Syd - An instrument editor and software synthesizer. n/a Freeware 678.6 KB
Synchomatic - A digital sample generator. n/a Freeware 176.9 KB
Synthia - An analog synthesizer with a patch cord-based interface. n/a Freeware 98.6 KB
T-Racks - Mastering software that simulates vintage analog mastering equipement. n/a Demo 2.8 MB
Virtual Waves - A sound synthesis, processing and analysis tool. Demo 4.4 MB
Visual Orangator - A modular virtual synthesiser. n/a Freeware 195.5 KB
Wave256 - A waveform creation program used to enter and mix a variety of standard waveforms at any harmonic, phase offset or DC offset. n/a Shareware 432.1 KB
WaveCraft - A software system simulating the sounds of analogue synthesisers. The samples generated can be used as musical instruments with any PC sound card with download memory. n/a Link
WaveGen - Creates pure waveforms for synths, wave trackers, etc. n/a Shareware 307.1 KB
WaveSong - A nature-sound generator program for Windows, using your sound card digital, real nature sound clips, and clever processing techniques to produce a sustained nature audio environment. n/a Shareware 303.5 KB
WAVmaker - A MIDI to WAV generator that can used customizable instruments sounds. n/a Shareware 4.6 MB
X-Treme FX -

X-Treme FX from UltimateSoundBank is an Instant Sound Design Tool - Virtual Instrument dedicated to sound effects, foleys and atmospheric sounds.

n/a Link
Zerius Vocoder - A command-line software channel vocoder, which imposes vocal effects on a waveform. n/a Freeware 27.7 KB
Zerius Vocoder Graphic Front End - A graphical front end for the command-line Zerius Vocoder. n/a Freeware 232.0 KB