Audio Editors

Software that can play, edit, fine-tune and often record audio files. Some can also send and receive samples from an external Sampler.

Complete List
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Absynth - Absynth is a popular and powerful virtual synth, combining FM and subtractive synthesis, ring modulation, a live stereo input, classic and granular sampling with an advanced envelope control. n/a Link
Acid WAV - An advanced sound editor with time, amplitude, frequency and synthesis editing. n/a Shareware 2.3 MB
Acoustica - A clean and simple digital audio editor with basic editing features, effects, playlist support and some nice signal analysis tools. n/a Shareware 1.3 MB
Audacity -

Audacity is a popular open source, multi-platform audio editor that provides unlimited tracks, plug-in effects, and undo.

Audio Suite - Software multi-track digital audio workstation consisting of a tightly integrated group of audio waveform processing tools. n/a Shareware 1.5 MB
AudioMulch - An interactive computer music environment which allows you to assemble audio sources and effects in real-time. Editor Review Link
Awave Studio - Audio and wavetable instrument editor, format converter, and player. n/a Shareware 673.4 KB
Blaze Media Pro -

All-in-one multimedia software offering conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback, and much more.

n/a Link
Blaze Media Pro - Powerhouse all-in-one audio/video converter (two-way among CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, etc); editor; recorder; ripper; audio, video (VCD/SVCD), and data CD/DVD burner; video creation/extraction/processing, player; and much more. n/a Link
Cool Edit - A full-featured and easy to use digital audio editor. Shareware 6.8 MB
Cool Edit Pro - 64-track digital audio recorder, editor, and mixer which includes over 30 DSP effects, DirectX plug-in support, and more. Demo 4.2 MB
Fast Edit - Fast and completely non-destructive sample editor with unlimited undo/redo. n/a Demo 3.3 MB
File Splitter - File Splitter is software for Windows, which can split any type of file into smaller pieces and rejoin them to the original file. n/a Link
GoldWave - Digital audio editor featuring intelligent large file editing, numerous effects, and support for a wide variety of sound formats. n/a Shareware 683.4 KB
MAYAH EditPro - A high quality recording, editing and transmission software package which allows editing of MP3 files directly. n/a Demo 955.6 KB
MAYAH RealEdit - A basic MPEG/MP3 audio editor. n/a Demo 273.3 KB
Mobius - Loop and sample editor from the creator of WaveSurgeon. n/a Shareware 1.3 MB
MP3 Joiner - MP3 Joiner is an easy-to-use tool to join MP3 files into bigger one. The program is fast and robust without recompression. n/a Link
MP3 Splitter - MP3 Splitter is an easy-to-use tool for splitting large MP3 file into smaller MP3 formats. n/a Link
MP3 Surgeon - Trims, splits, joins and batch processes MP3s. n/a Demo 2.2 MB
Peak Pro -

BIAS Peak is the industry standard stereo audio editing, processing, and mastering application for the Macintosh

n/a Link
Pristine Sounds 2000 - Full-featured digital audio editing and restoration tool. n/a Demo 3.8 MB
Sample Wrench - Powerful audio sample editor which works with Windows sound cards and a variety of MIDI-based keyboard and rack-mount samplers. 24 bit support and numerous special effects and processes. n/a Demo 2.0 MB
Sampled - A digital audio editor that works in both time and frequency domains. n/a Freeware 2.5 MB
Saracon -

SARACON is a high end versatile multichannel file format and sampling rate conversion tool for Windows.

Sound Forge - Professional sound editing software for Windows that includes an extensive set of audio processes, tools, and effects for manipulating audio. Demo 3.7 MB
Sound Gadget Pro - Sound Gadget Pro is a 32-bit sound editor for Windows. n/a Shareware 1.3 MB
Soundprobe - Sound editing, processing, analysis and effects processor suite. n/a Demo 2.2 MB
Stream Anywhere - An all-in-one solution for authoring streaming media to the web. n/a Demo 6.7 MB
Studio To Go -

Studio to Go! is a suite of integrated music software, based on Linux open source programs, that provides the ability to compose, record and mix on any PC without having to install any software. Studio to Go! runs from the CD and allows you to save compositions on your a portable storage device or straight on to your hard disk. This means you can use it any PC without worrying about compatibility problems or any fuss or mess!

Super Sound Joiner - Super Sound Joiner is an easy-to-use tool for joining all kinds of sound files into one large wav file. It supports many audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AC3, OGG, MPA, MP2, AU, AIF, SND, etc. and video formats AVI, VCD, MPEG, WMV, ASF, OGM, DIVX, DAT, etc. n/a Link
Tiny Wave Editor - A fast and simple WAV/AIFF editor which features basic editing tools and SCSI sample transfer for Yamaha A3000/EX series/CBXD5 devices. n/a Freeware 683.0 KB
WAV Splitter - WAV Splitter is an easy-to-use tool to split WAV files into smaller parts. n/a Link
Wave Creator - A simple digital sound editor for which provides basic editing and effects processing. n/a Demo 1.3 MB
Wave Editor -

Wave Editor 1.1 2s a full-featured document-based audio editor for Mac OS X.

n/a Link
Wave Flow - A basic editor for playing, recording, and processing digital audio. n/a Shareware 1005.9 KB
WaveKnife - Loads whole audio tracks from sampling CDs to hard disk and splits them into single samples based on gaps of silence. n/a Freeware 217.8 KB
WaveLab - WaveLab 6 is an all-in-one solution for professional mastering, high resolution stereo and multi-channel audio editing, audio restoration, sample design and complete CD/DVD Audio production. Link
WavePad Audio Editing Software - WavePad audio editing software is a sound editor program for Windows. This audio editing software lets you make and edit voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings and, if required, add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction. WavePad is a wav editor and MP3 editor, and supports a number of other file formats including vox, gsm, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg and more. n/a Link