RealJukebox is a personal music management system that acquires, manages and plays collections of digital music in a variety of formats. Formats include CD, MP3 and RealAudio.

RealJukebox comes in two versions: Basic and Plus. The Basic version is free but limits MP3 sound quality to 96 kbps and has a 78 disc maximum for burning CDs. The Plus version removes the limitations allowing high-quality MP3 and unlimited CD burning.


  • Plays and Record your CDs.
  • Adds them to your Music Library.
  • Play CDs while recording them.
  • Automatically retrieves and stores CD Info for each CD that you record.
  • Add previously saved music files to your RealJukebox Music Library.
  • Manage, organize, and expand your personal Music Library.
  • Customize music information display (Plus only).
  • Create custom Playlists from your recorded tracks.
  • Create continuous music mixes with crossfade (Plus only).
  • Link to music web sites and download music from the Internet.
  • Download tracks to a Portable Music Player or Storage Device.
  • Customize RealJukebox with multiple skins.
  • Compatible with portable digital music players like the Diamond Rio 500 & PMP 300, RCA Lyra, and Creative Labs' NOMAD.
  • Print Jewel Case Labels (Plus only)
  • Quickly and easily download and install new plug-ins and updates.

Purchase Information

  • $0 RealJukebox Basic
  • $29.99 RealJukebox Plus Direct


  • Windows 95 (Service pack 1)/98/NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3)
  • Intel Pentium 200 MHz MMX, Cyrix 6x86MX PR233, or AMD K5 PR-200
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 15 MB for software, 200 MB for music of free hard-disk space
  • Full Duplex Sound card and speakers
  • 16-bit color video card
  • Internet connection and web browser (IE3 or later)
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • RealPlayer G2 (included with RealJukebox download)


The basic version is freeware but disables advanced autoplaylists, crossfading, format conversion, jewel case label printing and EQ and limits MP3 sound quality to 96 kbps, has a 78 disc maximum for burning CDs.

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