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PhyMod is a physical modeling system that includes an Editor, Offline Renderer, WAV File Generator, 3D Visual Oscillation Analysis and Interface for DSP System (for real-time sound generation).

Physical Modeling Synthesis is a new method for creating innovative electronic sounds by simulating virtual resonance bodies.

The PhyMod sound sculpture is nothing more than a simulated connection of different mechanical elements which have several parameters such as weight, positions, etc. The program uses a visual interface to setup elementary masses, feathers and dampers as well as Hammer-Links, Bow Links and Gum Links. You can then connect these elements together with the mouse to create a sound sculpture.

Apart from the simple recreation of ordinary instruments PhyMod can also show the limits of swinging parameters and therefore create interesting soundforms which are not known to nature. The program also has a 3D-Window that allows you to display your swinging sculpture in real-time.

A computer mouse or a microphone can be used to stimulate the designed PhyMod sound sculpture in every possible position (in stereo) and recorded afterwards. This makes PhyMod not just a synthesis program but also a processor of filters and effects.

Apart from a use in all areas of the new electronic music, PhyMod is also well suited for presentation and learning. For example, music and physics lessons in schools (Newton`s laws) because of its easy and logical usage. The comprehensive help system in both English and German allows a quick and creative entry into the world of the fascinating Physical-Modeling Synthesis.

Purchase Information

  • $35


  • Windows 3.11/95/98/NT
  • 486-66MHz with math coprocessor (Pentium recommended)
  • 16-bit stereo sound card
  • DSP system (optional: enables real-time rendering)


The unregistered shareware version limits the number of masses to 10 out of the 1296 available in the registered version and the number of links to 45 out of the 1024 available in registered version. 736.3 KB