Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius


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NoiseTrekker is a Windows tracker with MIDI, internal synth, 2 TB303s and DSP support. It features a classic amiga-style interface.

NoiseTrekker was originally called "Tracker With No Name" until November '99.


  • 16-Tracks
  • Stereo/mono 8- and 16-bit samples
  • 32-bit internal processing
  • Two virtual Roland TB303s (303 Patterns are 'triggerable' from the tracker)
  • Delay/Echo send for each track (PingPong or Normal delay)
  • 21 Filter Types including Lowpass, Hipass, Degraders, Delta, CompDistorsion and more.
  • Easy to use hard disk recorder
  • Samples are played at the specified volume (no autogain) allowing you to adjust the volume of each sample (0% to 200%)
  • CSynth DSP Engine v1.1 analogc vintage 32-bit synthesizer
  • Cubic spline 4-point resampling
  • Distorsion effects (Threshold/Clamp/Overdrive)
  • Stereo Delay Effects (Delay Synchronizable with the BPM song).
  • Reverb Fx (Hall, Room, Short, Box).
  • Flanger/Chorus with stereo dephase (Flanger 3d) control.
  • 10 Octaves
  • MIDI in/out support


  • Windows 95/98/2000
  • Pentium (Pentium II 300 MHz recommended)
  • 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  • DirectX compatible video and sound card
  • Microsoft DirectX 6.1 or higher


This program is freeware and has no trial limitations.

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