Jo Brodtkorb


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Musicator is a MIDI and digital audio sequencing and notation software package. The program provides several facilities for creating and editing music, common to most sequencers.


  • Up to 255 tracks
  • Up to 32 tracks of digital audio
  • Up to 8 output ports
  • Extensive notation support
  • Realtime SysEx record and playback (including importing and exporting to MIDI files)
  • Quantize MIDI to Ruler
  • Loop Recording allows you to merge new material over a series of passes or choose from several recorded takes
  • Step-time chord entry (including "slash" rhythm notation)
  • Guitar tablature
  • Yamaha DSP Factory support
  • Overview Window for editing MIDI and audio tracks as a whole or in large sections
  • Roll View for editng MIDI information in a time-based, precise manner
  • Event List for displaying and editing at a detailed level, with SysEx editing and checksum calculation
  • Notation Window for viewing and editing your song using a sheet music style interface with extensive notation tools
  • MultiView Window for working with multiple tracks on an event-based level
  • Wave View for working with digital audio and
  • Track-based Mixer for graphically adjusting track parameters (solo/mute, volume, pan, effects, etc.)
  • Selection Wizard lets you select sequence events by setting up a "filter"
  • Extensive MIDI file support giving you control over MIDI file contents

Purchase Information

  • $299


  • Windows 95/98
  • 486DX (Pentium 100 for audio)
  • 16MB RAM
  • 10MB disk space (plus enough space for your audio files)
  • Windows-compatible MIDI interface required for MIDI record/playback
  • 16-bit Windows-compatible sound card for audio


The demo version disables save, export to MIDI and export graphics functionality. It also limits printing to one page per session and audio mix-downs to four bars in length.

mw3demo.exe 2.8 MB