Multi-Track Editors

Software used to record, edit and mix multiple tracks of digital audio simultaneously.

Complete List
Title Rating Download
4-Track Mp3 Mixer - A tool for mixing, converting, and encoding MP3 and Wave files in a 4-track setting. n/a Link
Ableton Live - Ableton Live brings to music creation, production and performance the flexibility of loop based software plus the power of full fledged music production suites. Link
Acid Pro - A loop-based music production tool with loop-arranging and editing. Demo 6.4 MB
AnalogX Interleave - Interleaves multiple independant digital audio tracks to improve multi-track playback performance. n/a Freeware 178.4 KB
ASM Audio - A powerful program for mixing together several tracks of digital audio in real time. n/a Shareware 1.6 MB
Audacity -

Audacity is a popular open source, multi-platform audio editor that provides unlimited tracks, plug-in effects, and undo.

Audio Suite - Software multi-track digital audio workstation consisting of a tightly integrated group of audio waveform processing tools. n/a Shareware 1.5 MB
AudioMulch - An interactive computer music environment which allows you to assemble audio sources and effects in real-time. Editor Review Link
CDQ Studio 8 - A multitrack recording and editing system for PC. n/a Shareware 1.4 MB
Ceres Sound Studio - Creates, edits and saves WAV files containing up to 32 tracks. Shareware 1.1 MB
Cool Edit Pro - 64-track digital audio recorder, editor, and mixer which includes over 30 DSP effects, DirectX plug-in support, and more. Demo 4.2 MB
DDClip - Non-linear, non-destructive, multitrack real-time audio and video editor. Freeware 1.9 MB
Delta SP -

Delta SP is an audio and MIDI sequencer and synthesizer program for PC. Delta SP features a large modular synth with many built in plugins, a VST plugin builder, built in sampler and a multi-track MIDI and audio sequencer.

n/a Link
DoReMe Music - DoReMe Music is a simple music composition program for Windows, suitable for children and non-musicians. n/a Link
Ecasound -

Ecasound is a Linux software package designed for multitrack audio processing.

n/a Link
Fat Rock Studio - Basic and easy to use multi-track recording software. n/a Freeware 299.3 KB
FruityTracks - A tool for mixing your music and/or FruityLoops material into a song. n/a Shareware 1.7 MB
Future Beat 3D - A stylish looking tool for creating and mixing 3D audio compositions designed for non-professional music makers. n/a Demo 10.3 MB
Internet Audio Mix - Multi-track digital audio mixing software with integrated RealAudio support. Editor Review Shareware 3.5 MB
MixMeister - An automated tool that allows you to seamlessly mix your MP3 music files. n/a Demo 3.4 MB
Multiquence - A multitrack digital audio processor which features a fast and easy to use interface. n/a Shareware 638.0 KB
Music Maker Pro - A 64 track audio and video arranger for creating music and video clips. n/a Demo 6.9 MB
MxTrax - A multi-track mixer and editor designed to take full advantage of the Yamaha DSP Factory. n/a Demo 2.8 MB
n-Track Studio - An audio and MIDI multitrack recorder. n/a Shareware 2.1 MB
PARIS - A virtual multi-track studio for your PC using a combination of software and special hardware. n/a Demo 1.7 MB
Quartz Audio - Real-time digital audio editing, processing and multi-track mixing. n/a Demo 3.1 MB
Quartz Studio 8 - A multi-track recorder and mixer console with support for up to 8 tracks. n/a Demo 1.7 MB
Quartz Studio Pro - A multi-track recorder and mixer console with support for up to 16 tracks. n/a Demo 2.1 MB
QuickScore Elite Level II - An integrated 48-track scoring and sequencing program for Windows. Now serves as a VST host. n/a Link
Radium - Radium is a new type of music-editor for Linux and Amiga. n/a Link
Ravewave - Multitrack disk recording software. n/a Shareware 1.0 MB
Samplitude Studio - Professional multi-track recording software. n/a Demo 8.5 MB
SAWPro (Software Audio Workshop) - Professional 32-track 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio editor. n/a Demo 1.4 MB
SoundMix - Allows you to open wav files and combine them to create new custom wav files. Shareware 1.4 MB
Studio To Go -

Studio to Go! is a suite of integrated music software, based on Linux open source programs, that provides the ability to compose, record and mix on any PC without having to install any software. Studio to Go! runs from the CD and allows you to save compositions on your a portable storage device or straight on to your hard disk. This means you can use it any PC without worrying about compatibility problems or any fuss or mess!

Vegas Pro - A non-linear multi-track audio recording and editing system with video support. n/a Demo 6.2 MB
WaveBrix 64 - A 64-channel real-time music studio with effects. n/a Shareware 8.4 MB
WinAudio MAJOR - Multi-track digital audio mixing software with synced MIDI file playback support. n/a Demo 2.1 MB