Miles Sound System SDK

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The Miles Sound System is a powerful developer tool that completely handles all aspects of sound - digital audio, 3D audio, digital decompression (MPEG Layer-3 and ADPCM), interactive MIDI, red-book CD-audio, and other audio-related system services.

The Miles Sound System offers a solution to the need for high-quality sound effects and music performance. Miles provides a variety of audio playback resources suitable for even the most demanding multimedia and entertainment applications, including a distinctive array of features unmatched by any other PC sound system.

The SDK also includes an array of tools for application development. As with all portions of Miles, the tools come complete with source code. Tools include Sound Studio, Sound Player, XMIDI Global Timbre Librarian, Creative Labs/Ad Lib Converter, MIDI Data Receiver / Interpreter, MIDI File/Event Filter, Standard MIDI File Recorder, Sound Configuration Utility and Wave Synthesizer Librarian.


  • Digital Audio Streaming Services - allow you to stream huge digital sound files off a CD-ROM or hard drive. All double-buffering and file I/O is taken care of - you can just treat the stream as a big sample.
  • 3D Audio Services - both high- and low-level APIs designed to support any 3D technology that comes along (including the built-in RSX 3D audio technology).
  • Filter Processor Services - external plug-ins that can manipulate digital sample data. Common filter processors include equalizers, low or high-pass filters, and reverb filters. Filter processors themselves are simply Win32 DLLs that have the "FLT" file extension. At startup time, MSS loads any filters found in the same directory as the MSS32.DLL file.
  • Red Book CD Audio Services - makes using CD audio simple and painless. Using MCI under Windows and MSCDEX under DOS, Miles lets you play CD audio in just three calls.
  • XMIDI (extended MIDI) Services - provide everything to add interactive MIDI to your applications. The XMIDI API allows for looping, branching, channel locking / prioritizing, digital triggered samples, and a variety of callbacks.
  • DLS Services - delivers full support for the MIDI Manufacturers Association's Downloadable Sounds (DLS) Level 1 specification. Available for 16-bit and 32-bit Windows applications as well as 32-bit extended DOS applications, the DLS Extensions package consists of a simple application program interface (API) provided by either a statically- or dynamically-linked library.
  • Utility Services - file format services for format conversion, compression and filtering.
  • Quick Integration Services - allow you to get sound up and running in your application in as few as three calls. The quick API handles both digital and MIDI audio files.
  • System Services - give you solid utility functions that all multimedia applications require including memory allocation, virtual memory handling, file I/O functions and more.
  • Timer Services - give you cross-platform, high-performance timer functionality.
  • Low-Level DOS Services - give DOS developers access to the same utility routines that the Miles SDK itself uses.
  • Full Source Code - included for all libraries and tools.

For more details and a full list of available function calls, go to the Product Home Page.

Purchase Information

The Miles Sound System SDK is licensed on a per-product or per-site basis with absolutely no royalties. A single-product Miles license starts at $3,000. You can view a list of standard license options from the Product Home Page. If none of the standard configurations fit your company, they will also create a custom license packages.


  • DOS, Windows 3.x, Win32s, Windows 95/98/NT
  • DOS development: Watcom C or Borland PowerPack
  • Windows development: any system that supports DLLs will work (Visual C++, Borland C, Watcom C, Borland Delphi, etc.)


The demonstration download contains 9 example programs created with the Miles Sound System SDK. The examples cover DOS and Windows 16/32-bit applications which utilize the sample, MIDI, DLS, 3D and CD audio playback APIs.

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