MidiFile Library


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A Windows 95/NT dynamic link library that you can use with your applications to simplify reading and writing standard MIDI files. Documentation and examples for reading and writing in both C and C++ are included.


  • 32-bit DLL works with Windows 9x/NT
  • Read Functions: MidiReadFile, MidiReadBytes, MidiSkipChunk, MidiSkipEvent, MidiReadHeader, MidiReadVLQ
  • Write Functions: MidiWriteFile, MidiWriteBytes, MidiWriteEvent, MidiWriteHeader, MidiWriteVLQ, MidiCloseChunk
  • Misc. Functions: MidiGetErr, MidiSeek, MidiCloseFile, MidiFileSize, MidiCompareID, MidiFlipShort, MidiFlipLong, MidiVLQToLong, MidiLongToVLQ
  • Freely redistributable with your applications
  • Several examples including C and C++ source
  • Useful and complete documentation


  • Windows 95/98/NT
  • Microsoft Visual C++ or compatible compiler


These files are freely redistributable, and may be used by and distributed along with any software, be it commercial or otherwise, provided that these files are not internally modified nor specifically sold as a complete product by themselves.

Be sure that you unzip this archive, restoring the directory structure saved within the archive. You also need an unzip utility that preserves Windows Long File Names.

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