Hubi's MIDI Loopback Device

Hubert Winkler


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Hubi's LoopBack Device is a MIDI driver that adds virtual MIDI Ports (up to 4) to your system, which act as both, Input and Output MIDI devices. This enables you to "share" your current MIDI ports with multiple Windows programs at simultaniously. All MIDI data sent to the output (a typical sequencer program) is sent to all programs at the input side (eg. a MIDI monitor program). The ports are named "LB1" to "LB4" by default, but can be optionally renamed.


  • Up to 4 new MIDI In/Outputs
  • Multi-client feature allows mixing and duplication of MIDI messages
  • Full SysEx support
  • Very low memory requirements (about 5K fixed / 4k discardable Windows memory)
  • No hardware required
  • Port names can be customized
  • Fuse mechanism to prevent MIDI-short curcuit
  • Extends your MIDI-driver to multi-client fascility
  • Comes with hwmdcabl.exe - a realtime SysEx-thru
  • Program source is available


  • Windows 95
  • Multiple MIDI programs that you want to share MIDI ports (possibly a sequencer and and a virtual sampler)

Warning: Windows 98 incompatibility problem
After installing this software for testing on Windows 98, Windows could not finish starting due to a fatal error in a function of MMSYSTEM.DLL called from MSGSRV32.EXE. Booting into safe mode and removing the driver fixed the problem. If the same thing happens to you, you can remove the driver in Safe Mode from: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Multimedia -> Device -> MIDI Devices and Instruments. Select LB1 (or whatever you have named your Loopback port if you didn't leave the default) and clicking on Properties. Then click on Remove and reboot your system.



This program is freeware and has no trial limitations. 37.4 KB