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DR-002 is a 16-way sample player featuring sample-accurate sync, velocity sensitivity, and multiple outputs that works as a VST 2.0 instrument plug-in.

The DR-002 listens on MIDI channel 1, in the note range C2..E3. It is a velocity sensitive sample player with fixed attack (instant) and release (just short enough to avoid clicks...). Load a sample with the "load" button, choose whether or not to play it repeatedly with the "loop" button, and select one of the four outputs (only two outputs are available to Logic Audio users). Names of the chosen wave files are saved with the song (or in a .FXP preset file).

Note to Logic Audio users: because of a bug in Logic Audio 4.1x, the DR-002 will only work during song playback - not when the transport is stopped. Efforts to have this problem fixed are being made.


  • Handles up to 16 samples simultaneously
  • Sample-accurate sync
  • Velocity sensitivity
  • Multiple outputs


  • Windows 95/98/NT
  • Software compatible with VST 2.0 plug-ins
  • Sound card


This plug-in is freeware and has no trial limitations. You may also need to download and unzip the GUI Controls DLL to your Windows\System folder.

GUI Controls DLL: guilib.zip 26.0 KB
Version 1.0: dr002v1.zip 166.0 KB