DJ Music Software

Software for DJs that play and mix digital audio, create playlists, find BPMs and help improve preformances.

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Ableton Live - Ableton Live brings to music creation, production and performance the flexibility of loop based software plus the power of full fledged music production suites. Link
AnalogX Scratch - An simple program that simulates "scratching" a record with digital audio samples and a simple interface. n/a Freeware 338.3 KB
Beat Master - A simple BPM list generator for DJs. n/a Freeware 854.3 KB
BeatCalc - Finds the tempo (in BPM) for a WAV file, tap speed or manual input and then calculates delay times, LFO speeds and pitch transpositions. n/a Freeware 1.6 MB
BeatIt! - Manual BPM counter with 4 memory banks for tapping in tempos. n/a Freeware 136.1 KB
BPM Studio - Digital audio mixing software for professional DJ's that plays MP2, MP3, WAV, CDA and WMA files on up to 6 sound cards. n/a Demo 4.0 MB
BPM-Meter - Automatically measures the beats per minute of an incoming audio signal. n/a Freeware 41.5 KB
CDumper - Controlling up to 15 CD-Drives on a single computer simultaneously with pitch, tempo, 3D positioning and effects for each. n/a Demo 5.5 MB
Deejaysystem Mk-I -

Deejaysystem™ Mk-I is a simple yet DJ-Oriented audio player.

n/a Link
Digital 1200SL - Professional DJ software that lets you mix MP3 and WAV files between two players with a virtual DJ interface. n/a Demo 1.8 MB
DiscoSoft - Digital audio mixing software that plays MP2, MP3, WAV, CD and WMA files on up to 3 sound cards, plus includes a bunch of extras. n/a Demo 5.3 MB
DJ Master - A digital audio player that plays audio files in a wide variety of modes for mixing and creating play lists. n/a Demo 680.7 KB
DJBPM - Manual BPM counter software for disc jockeys. n/a Freeware 1.5 MB
DJPower - A full encompassing program to meet all the needs of a modern and professional DJ. (see Terms for demo password) n/a Demo 3.1 MB
Dr Benway - The Dr Benway is a free plug-in VST beatslicer effect for Windows only. n/a Link
LiveSlice - LiveSlice is a beat slicer that can load up to 64 wave files at a time, slice them up and combine the slices in the multitrack arranger. n/a Link
MGC DJ 2000 - Very basic DJ software that provides 3 players and 19 customizable sound effects. Uses Windows Media Player to support a wide range of formats. n/a Freeware 0 bytes
MixVibes - DJ application that lets you play and mix multiple sound files (MPEG, WAV and more) on up to 16 channels using 1 to 4 sound cards/devices. Shareware 721.0 KB
MJ Studio - A virtual mixing console for the digital DJ. n/a Demo 2.2 MB
OpenSebJ - An Open Source Realtime Audio Mixing Tool n/a Link
Ots CD Scratch 1200 - Free "Virtual Turntables CD Player". Play two songs from the same CD at the same time - one forwards and one in reverse! n/a Link
OtsDJ - CD/MP3 Radio and DJ software, auto mixing, smooth audio compressor. n/a Link
OtsTurntables - OtsTurntables is a DJ program that empowers you to scratch, play backwards/forwards, tempo/pitch-shift and mix audio. There is a free version and several levels of commercial versions n/a  
PCDJ Mix Master - DJ software that lets you mix MP3 files between two players with a virtual DJ interface. n/a Demo 1.8 MB
PCDJ PHAT - Simple DJ software that lets you mix MP3 files and CD audio tracks between two players with a virtual DJ interface, plus CD ripping and more. n/a Freeware 2.6 MB
Pitch Calc. - A program for calculating relative pitch settings for mixing songs of different tempos. n/a Freeware 346.0 KB
Stylus RMX - Stylus RMX is a groove-based virtual instrument plug-in for Macintosh and Windows. n/a  
Sxratch - Sxratch is a free VST plug in Virtual Scratcher. n/a Link
Tactile 12000 - A 3-D, interactive simulation of a DJ setup. n/a Demo 3.1 MB
Traktor - DJ-mixing tool that provides 2 players, a playlist section, mixer, beat matcher, digital scratcher, cue section, filters and extensive automation. n/a Demo 3.8 MB
TRAKTOR DJ Studio 3 -

TRAKTOR DJ Studio 3 brings new features including four decks and integrated mixer to the versatile and comprehensive digital DJing solution.

n/a Link
UltraMixer 2 -

UltraMixer is a DJ-Mixing-Software for Linux or Windows.

Virtual DJ Studio - Mixes MPEG and WAV files on 6 lines and has an AutoPilot line for playlist support. n/a Shareware 6.9 MB
Virtual Turntables - Allows you to mix MP3s and WAVs like you would CDs with a real mixer and multiple DJ CD decks. Shareware 3.6 MB