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DC-Art 32 is a program that removes pops, tics, crackles, buzzes and surface noise from any recording. It gives the user all of the software tools necessary to perform high quality mono or stereo noise reduction. In addition DC-Art 32 is a powerful audio wavefile editor for use in general audio applications. DC-Art is effective for "cleaning up" old cylinder recordings, hill and dale Edison Diamond Discs (verticals), old 78's (laterals), and of course, modern vinyl LP's and 45 rpm records.

All of the algorithms used in DC-Art use double precision floating point math to ensure high quality audio performance. DC-Art performs its editing in a non-destructive manner. The source file remains un-modified; only the destination file receives the modifications. Not all wavefile editing programs work in this manner, and some actually modify the source file directly on your hard drive.


  • An impulse noise filter for removing "ticks", "clicks", and "pops" from a recording.
  • Continuous noise (hiss) and crackle filter for removing surface noise
  • Dynamic filter function similar to analog noise units, to reduce "Hiss" from an audio signal.
  • Harmonic reject filter for removing harmonically rich noises and buzzes
  • High quality flexible reverb algorithm for adding room sound and stereo simulation.
  • Lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filters with 1st, 2nd or 3rd order slopes.
  • 10-band graphic paragraphic equalizer to equalize your recordings to create a more pleasing tonal balance.
  • Virtual valve amplifier that simulates the sound of a wide variety of vacuum tube amplifiers.
  • Real-time specturum analyzer for instant frequency response curves to aid in noise removal and frequency identification.
  • Compressor/Expander/DeEsser for taming those wild files.
  • Reverse file function for special effects.
  • Tunable notch filter for attenuation of hum or acoustical feedback from a recording.
  • Fade in, fade out and gain change functions with either a linear or a logarithmic envelope vs. time.
  • Mute a portion of your wavefile. This is useful for ridding a file of stubborn "pops" or "thuds."
  • Perform mono and stereo file conversions, gain and channel balance adjustments.
  • Real-Time preview of all filter functions for instant evaluation of parameters
  • Record and playback audio signals onto your computer hard drive.
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste sections or entire wave files.
  • Sine and square wave generator for system level setting and testing.
  • Up to 100 adjustable markers for sample accurate editing.
  • Speed correction for adjusting the playback speed of off-speed or half-speed masters.
  • CD Quantization feature to create seamless CD master disks.
  • Wave file playlist for creating master tapes.
  • On-Line audio restoration tutorial included with comprehensive help file.

Purchase Information

  • $199


  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0
  • 486-66 DX2 or better (Pentium 100 recommended)
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 4 MB disk space
  • Sound card (for listening to results)


The demo version disables save functionality and is limited to 30 second sound files.

Product Download Page
dcart32demo.exe 2.4 MB