Alternate CDFS.VXD





An alternate Windows 9x CD-ROM driver that allows you to access your audio CD tracks as WAV files. Once installed, there will be an array of folders listed for the audio CD in the CD-ROM's drive. All the tracks are listed as WAV files in each of the folders made for each combination of formats (Mono/Stereo, 8Bit/16Bit, 11025Hz/22050Hz/44100Hz). When you access the files from Windows Explorer or a program's open dialog, it automaticly converts your CD's audio data to WAV file data in the correct format.

To install the alternate virtual device driver.

  • Download and unzip the file into a temporary folder.
  • Back up your old Windows\System\IOSubSys\cdfs.vxd file so you can restore the current configuration if it doesn't work for your setup.
  • Copy the alternate cdfs.vxd from the temporary folder you unzipped it to over the original one.
  • Reboot.


  • Windows 95/98
  • CD-ROM capable of reading CD audio data.


This program is freeware and has no trial limitations. 38.6 KB